Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Obama is looking to make another jump

NOW I know why I like Obama so much! ;-)  This article about his prowess (or lack thereof) on the basketball court basically describes me as well -- not much natural talent, but lots of passion, energy, scrappiness and, especially this: "He's not afraid to take a shot."  (When I'm out there gunning on the court, I constantly remind myself of the famous Wayne Gretzky quote: "100% of the shots never taken don't go in."  LOL!)


Obama is looking to make another jump


By Dave Kindred - SportingNews



Barack Obama would be the first black president. He also would be the first rat baller with good ups to be leader of the free world.


"A real rat baller," says an old high school teammate, Alan Lum. "He'd have a basketball with him in class sometimes so that between classes, when we had an hour or so, he'd get in a pickup game on the outdoor courts."


"Tall and skinny, lithe -- he was angular," says Marshall Poe, a pickup game buddy from Obama's law school days. "Because he didn't have any weight, he had to go up and over people to get the ball. He had good ups."


Now Barack Obama, presidential candidate, he once was Barry Obama, basketball player, maybe 6-1 and 170, quick, aggressive, a lefthander, a slasher with a nice double-pump shot in the lane.


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