Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Obama to Quit -- Smoking, That Is

I agree:
"I think it would be an enormous first step forward if he would come all the way out of the closet and say, 'I smoke, I wish I didn't, I plan on quitting again, I've tried this many times,'" said Cheryl Healton, president and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation. "Because if you dig deep behind the story, my guess is that's probably the reality, that he wants to quit and has tried many times."
I think one of the reasons Obama is so popular is that average Americans can relate to him -- and every American has dealt with the difficulty of trying to stop smoking, either personally or via a close friend of family member.

Obama to Quit -- Smoking, That Is

Political Wunderkind Ready for White House Run, First Opponent Marlboro Reds


Feb. 7, 2007 — - When Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., officially enters the stressful world of presidential politics this Saturday, he will be trying his hardest to resist the urge to smoke those Marlboro Red cigarettes he has relied upon for years.

Instead, he has pledged to his wife, Michelle, that he will chew Nicorette gum.

Before the Run, Obama Needs to Quit

Obama may face several daunting challengers in the months to come -- Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., a prying media, a conservative attack machine and the tricky politics of race. But none may prove as mighty a foe as his nicotine habit.

"I've never been a heavy smoker," Obama told the Chicago Tribune. "I've quit periodically over the last several years. I've got an ironclad demand from my wife that in the stresses of the campaign I don't succumb. I've been chewing Nicorette strenuously."

Obama aides say that the main reason Michelle Obama has been pushing so hard for her husband to quit the demon weed is for health reasons, but of course for any public figure, one also has to factor in the image of the habit -- either out of concerns he would be setting a bad example, or that he may turn off some voters.

An unscientific sampling of men and women on the street indicates that the public wants him to quit, though they do not consider a cigarette habit to be a disqualification for office, however much cigarettes have been linked to cancer, heart disease and impotence.

"Serving as a role model for the rest of the country," remarked one woman. "Yeah, I think he needs to quit smoking if he is going to run for president."


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