Sunday, March 11, 2007

Black Democrats Torn Between Clinton, Obama

This article highlights the fight for the black voteIt will indeed be critical for Obama to attract the black vote -- he can't win without it.  The great news, according to a friend who's seen the recent polls, is that Obama's support in the black community skyrocketed when Hillary attacked in the Geffen affair.  This occurred for two reasons, my friend speculated: A) A natural reaction to one of their own being attacked; and B) A big reason for the hesitation to support Obama is the sense that he couldn't win, so why risk pissing off Hillary?  By attacking him, she showed she's afraid of him and gave him a huge boost in credibility.

Black Democrats Torn Between Clinton, Obama

Rep. John Lewis, a Civil Rights Hero, Says He Faces a Difficult Choice


March 4, 2007 — - Like other black Democrats, Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., is facing a dilemma: Should he vote for the man who could become the first black president or the woman named Clinton, with all that means to African-American voters?

"I'm torn, I'm torn," lamented Lewis. "When I celebrated my 60th birthday in Atlanta, President Clinton came down and spoke. When I celebrated my 65th birthday in Atlanta, Sen. Obama came down. They're friends. They're like brothers. And Mrs. Clinton is an extension of her husband."

Lewis remained neutral while the two presidential contenders visited Selma, Ala., this weekend.


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