Thursday, April 26, 2007

Obama outlines a vision of a new U.S. approach abroad

A very solid speech:
Delivering his presidential campaign's first major address on foreign policy to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Obama said the U.S. must resist the temptation to turn to isolationism in response to the losses the nation has suffered in Iraq. And he declared "The American moment is here.

"America cannot meet the threats of this century alone, but the world cannot meet them without America," Obama said. "We must neither retreat from the world nor try to bully it into submission."

Obama presented the challenges of terrorism, nuclear weapons and global warming as an opportunity to enhance America's influence over the world by stressing moral leadership, strengthened alliances and a vigorous U.S. engagement around the globe.

His address provided a withering critique of Bush's handling of the war in Iraq and response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as "based on old ideologies and outdated strategies." He said the Bush Administration's uneasy relations with allies and public scandals over mistreatment of prisoners have done long-term damage to the nation's ability to counter the terrorist threat.

"The President may occupy the White House, but for the last six years the position of leader of the free world has remained open. And it's time to fill that role once more," Obama said.

Obama outlines a vision of a new U.S. approach abroad

Illinois Democrat sees a new "American moment"

By Mike Dorning
Tribune national correspondent,0,1708439.story

April 23, 2007, 8:36 PM CDT

Sen. Barack Obama accused President Bush Monday of weakening America's global leadership with a "squandered" response to terrorism as the Democratic presidential candidate committed himself to repair relations with allies and the nation's standing around the world.

The Illinois senator pledged to double U.S. foreign aid if elected president, arguing that improvements in stability and living conditions in poor nations would reduce the appeal of terrorism abroad and bolster the security of Americans at home.


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