Monday, July 30, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

This line in Maureen Dowd's column captures why I worry that if Hillary's the nominee, the Democrats just might lose an election that would otherwise be impossible to lose...
“We are spending billions on this war, and yet veterans and their children are practically getting nothing. I’m no longer a Republican. I’m an American, and I will cast my vote for the person I believe will start the process to get out of Iraq — unless, of course, it’s Hillary.”
Brothers and Sisters
Published: July 25, 2007


W.’s odyssey is one of the oddest in history, a black sheep who leapt above expectations and then crashed back down. It must be a crushing burden for President Bush to have wrought the opposite of what he intended in so many profound ways.

For me, one of the most amazing reversals brought about by W.’s reign of error is this: He may have turned my sister into a Democrat.


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