Friday, January 18, 2008

Comments on NH

Some very interesting comments on the NH race from a friend:
As a NH resident and Obama supporter, I can give you the following observations:

I think the surprising results were due to a confluence of events:

-Independents thought that McCain needed them more, based on the pre-election polls, and many of them might have voted for Obama
-Women felt that Obama and Edwards were ganging up on Hillary
-The Portsmouth teary moment resonated with humanized her, and people could feel her sincerity in saying she just wanted to do good things for the country
-Many young people at local colleges were not back from break to vote
-We heard that some people did not come out to vote for Obama because they thought he would have an easy win
-He came across as a bit too self-assured at the end...
-Bill Clinton really hit Obama hard this weekend....though unfairly
You can see Bill Clinton's attack ("the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen") at:
Another friend added:

Well -- a tough night, but what a great and inspiring speech by Obama.

My wife and I as long time political people have seen many speeches and both thought he was almost better last night than in Iowa. Too bad that the news was all about how wrong the polls were. Yes we can!


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