Monday, January 07, 2008

Obama Calls Rap Clinton in NH

It's a sign of desperation to go after Obama on his support for abortion rights -- that's ridiculous!
Obama Calls Rap Clinton in NH

Sunday January 6, 2008 10:46 PM


Associated Press Writer,,-7203293,00.html

DERRY, N.H. (AP) - Barack Obama's campaign fought back against rival Hillary Rodham Clinton Sunday in an under-the-radar dispute over who would best protect abortion rights

Obama's campaign made automated phone calls to New Hampshire voters accusing Clinton of ``last-minute smears.''

The recorded message came in response to a Clinton mailing that said Obama failed to stand up for the right to choose abortion. The mailing said that while serving in the state Senate in Illinois, Obama voted ``present'' seven times on abortion legislation instead of taking a yes or no position.

In the Obama campaign call, Wendy Frosh, chair of the board of Planned Parenthood in Northern New England, said Obama ``has a 100 percent pro-choice record and has always been a champion for women's rights.''

``Hillary Clinton's last-minute smears won't protect the right to choose, but as president Barack Obama will,'' she says in the message.


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