Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Republicans worried about Obama

This article on Republicans fearing Obama far more than Clinton is the second main reason I support Obama -- this is from the email I sent out a year ago (http://www.tilsonfunds.com/Personal/Obama/):
I support him for two simple reasons: because I like him a lot (see below) and because I think he can win the general election.  After eight years of our current Decider in Chief, I think we need a Democrat in the White House (for many of the same reasons why New York City needed a Republican mayor).  This won’t happen if Hillary is the nominee, however, and I view Obama as the only person that can derail her juggernaut.  To be clear, I think Hillary is more moderate than people give her credit for, has been a fine senator and would make a good President – but I’m convinced that she’s unelectable.  I think only 10% of the American electorate is up for grabs and I question whether these swing voters (call them what you want: Reagan Democrats, etc.) will vote for Hillary.  In short, she is Karl Rove’s dream; Obama is his nightmare.
Posted: 09:41 AM ET

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Hillary Clinton isn't the only one worried about Barack Obama's post-Iowa momentum. A former top Republican official tells CNN Obama could win a significant portion of the Republican vote in a general election, if he becomes the Democratic nominee.

The leading Republican strategist, who requested anonymity because this person advises a number of Republican presidential candidates, told CNN "I think Barack Obama is a potential Robert Kennedy or Reagan figure." And "in terms of raw political horsepower, he is the most electable of any of the Democrats and potentially more electable than Bill Clinton. If he ran the right campaign he could appeal to a substantial number of Republicans and Independents."

This person insists an Obama nomination isn't a done deal. "He could make a mistake. His people could get overconfident. He needs to continue to push his theme even as she continues to hit him on different issues."


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