Monday, February 04, 2008

""How it will feel if Hillary is elected" video and my fears

It would be hard to find a more stark contrast between the Obama video and the one currently circulating the internet entitled "How it will feel if Hillary is elected" (, showing a guy getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts.  I hesitate to send it out both because it's so stupid and crude, and because I don't agree with it (I think Hillary would be a good President -- just nowhere near as great at Obama), but it's worth noting the fact that it is circulating the internet, which underscores how many people really, really hate her -- just look at her negatives (for more on Hillary haters, see Stanley Fish's post from the NY Times blog, below).
I have two fears:
a) I think she is likely to lose to McCain.  Roughly 40% of Americans will vote for each party no matter who the candidate is, so it's the middle 20% of voters who will determine the election.  Obama and McCain have shown an ability to attract these independents/Reagan Democrats, whereas Sen. Clinton has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has almost no ability to draw their support. 
Consider this very scary part of the front page article in today's WSJ (below) (referring to California): "Significantly, the poll has Sen. McCain statistically tied with Sen. Clinton in a hypothetical matchup, suggesting Democrats' lock on the state and its 55 electoral votes -- critical to their hopes for the White House -- could be picked. Sen. Obama bests Sen. McCain in a hypothetical face-off by seven percentage points."; and
b) Even if she does win, I cringe at the thought of the partisan warfare that would surely characterize another Clinton administration.


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