Saturday, September 13, 2008


- A goofy 2-min video spoofing Palin (amazing how much the actress looks like her!):
- More goofiness:
So I get this chick in the back seat, see,,,,,,,,she's seventeen years old, a high school senior like me,,,,,,,but she's THE GOVERNOR'S DAUGHTER , for chrissake,,,,,,,and I knock her up,,,,,, And tonight,,,,,,ya ready?,,,,,,,,ten thousand Americans, with 'family values', are gonna stand and cheer me when I'm introduced to a political convention,,,,,,,,,with the old man's arm around my shoulder-------and the next president of the United States ,(maybe), takin' his hat off to me--- now, is this the greatest country in the world, or what? 

Attributed to Woody Allen
- In case you think I can only send out Republican-bashing humor: here's a 24-second video from an old Bob Hope movie:


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