Sunday, September 28, 2008

My take on the debate

My take on the debate: Given my low expectations, McCain did better than I thought, but Obama was clearly stronger overall.  Obama was MUCH stronger on economic issues, pointing out how the Bush/McCain policies have screwed average Americans and McCain is simply offering more of the same. McCain had no response to Obama's shredding of his crazy healthcare plan (TAXING benefits?!) and his plan to cut taxes only on the very rich.

On foreign affairs, McCain said all the things he was scripted to say about Obama being naive, etc., but Obama deftly parried these attacks.  Every time McCain blasted Obama being being wrong on the surge, Obama blasted him right back for being wrong on the ENTIRE WAR!

In sum, a big win for Obama on the domestic issues and a draw on the foreign issues.  McCain needed a knockout blow to reverse the course of this race and didn't even come close.

I suspect the polls won't budge an inch on this and that Obama's momentum will continue.


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