Sara Murray reports on the presidential race.

pollsBarack Obama holds a lead in four key battleground states, but it appears that the candidates’ handling of economic questions in coming debates could be the key to their fates there.

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Obama holds slight leads over rival John McCain in Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado and Wisconsin, where Quinnipiac University has conducted separate polls for The Wall Street Journal and But his leads aren’t commanding, and all the states appear to be in play.

The best news for Obama may come in Colorado, where he has moved to a four point lead, 49%-45%, after being down by a percentage point in August. That means Colorado presents a good opportunity for Obama to swing a Republican state to his favor this year.

Meanwhile, McCain’s best shot at turning a blue state red might be Minnesota, where Obama leads by only a 47%-45% margin, which falls within the poll’s margin of error. That’s a significantly reduced margin from the 17-point advantage Obama enjoyed in June in the state that hosted McCain’s nominating convention.