Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sister Souljah Time

As much as I've been sending around all the stuff that's being uncovered about Palin (what a disaster!), some of the attacks have gone over the line, which is being turned into a weapon by the Republicans to paint Obama, his campaign and his supporters of being intolerant, anti-religious, elitists, so to address this nonsense, here's a REALLY great idea from my friend Alan Wolk:
He needs to get pissed off, in a big way, that the message that’s clearly coming out from the Huffington Posts and Daily Koses is “How dare this white trash woman think she can run the world?”

Here’s why he needs to do this right now: Not liking Sarah Palin’s politics is one thing. But too many of the attacks seem to focus on her lifestyle. This is not lost on her supporters, the undecideds and everyone else in middle America: the disgust is about who she is, not what she stands for. Which just helps to cement the impression that Obama is one of the “we think we’re better than you” coastal establishment. And every moose joke, every online comment about “how could you elect someone who names her kid Track?” just cements this impression that the election is all about class lines and geographic location.

If Obama Sister Souljahs the leftist journalists, then he distances himself from the class warfare and bring the election back to the issues.

Sister Souljah Time

Free Advice Of The Day: If Barack Obama wants to win this election, he needs to take a page from the Bill Clinton Playbook and do a “Sister Souljah” on one of the legion of lefty journos who have been eviscerating Sarah Palin.


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