Friday, September 26, 2008

Virginia polls

More on the great poll numbers in Virginia (from a friend):
"new numbers from Rasmussen: Obama 50%, McCain 45%, with a ±4% margin of error. The poll was conducted entirely on Thursday, in the middle of McCain's fake suspension of his campaign and the possibility of him skipping the first debate. In a poll taken on Sunday, McCain had a 50%-48% lead."
We are now ahead in VA, following the trendline we've seen of Obama steadily gaining on McCain.  We have John McCain to thank, of course, along with the legions of volunteers and grassroots organizers who have been phoning voters, knocking on doors, registering people to vote, holding small fundraisers, entering data into voter id databases, in short, giving their all. 
Here are some recent results on other VA polls, from TPM, showing Obama's slow but steady climb.
Recent Virginina Polls
  • Obama (D) 51%, McCain (R) 45% - Sep 22 SurveyUSA
  • McCain (R) 48%, Obama (D) 46% - Sep 21 ARG
  • McCain (R) 48%, Obama (D) 46% - Sep 18 InsiderAdvantage
  • McCain (R) 48%, Obama (D) 41% - Sep 18 Natl. Journal
  • McCain (R) 48%, Obama (D) 39% - Sep 17 Christopher Newport U.
Yes we can!


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