Thursday, October 23, 2008

$150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image

There are so many wonderful twists to this story on the Republicans pissing away $150,000 on Palin's wardrobe -- and with it, any remaining hope for McCain.  The first is a rebuttal to the outrageous attack line that the Obama's -- both from very modest backgrounds -- are the elitists.  It turns out that Michelle Obama wears $148 off-the-rack dresses:
Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, have been tagged as elitist by both Republicans and Democrats at times, and so much was made when she appeared on “The View” in June in a black-and-white patterned dress. Turns out it sold for $148 at an off-the-rack store.
And I love this ironic twist -- the final nail in Palin's coffin is delivered by Mr. Robocall:
More than $130,000 of the charges used to outfit Ms. Palin and her family were initially footed by Jeff Larson, a prominent Republican consultant in St. Paul whose firm has been tied to the onslaught of negative robocalls from Mr. McCain’s campaign on Mr. Obama. Mr. Larson was also the chief executive of the local host committee for the Republican National Convention, in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

$150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image

Published: October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin’s wardrobe joined the ranks of symbolic political excess on Wednesday, alongside John McCain’s multiple houses and John Edwards’s $400 haircut, as Republicans expressed fear that weeks of tailoring Ms. Palin as an average “hockey mom” would fray amid revelations that the Republican Party outfitted her with expensive clothing from high-end stores.


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