Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Five Reasons Why the Obama Infomercial was Worth the Cost

A friend emailed me earlier today with the argument that tonight's 30-minute Obama ad buy on all of the major networks might work against him -- it might be perceived as self-centered, piling on, presumptous, etc. -- so it was with a bit of trepidation that I watched it.  I shouldn't have worried.  It was brilliant.  Not one word about McCain, Palin or Bush or any negative attacks; instead, Obama took the high road and addressed two critically important questions: 1) Who is Barack Obama?; and 2) What will he do as President?  To the extent that there are any undecided voters left in America, I think any of them who watched this would be very favorably impressed.  A quick WSJ online poll (you can vote at: showed the most viewers agreed: 63% of respondents gave it an "A" grade.
Below is a very insightful article about why it worked:
Let's be honest: the Obama infomercial was about comforting white Americans - especially middle and working class white Americans. That said, it was arguably necessary and - for what it was - very effective.

Although only time will tell, it appears that the Obama infomercial accomplished exactly what it needed to do: soothing skittish white undecided voters without alienating current supporters.



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