Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great videos

Some great videos:
1) It's so ironic that McCain and Palin are trying to make hay of the connection between Obama and Ayers (there has never been any type of close relationship, as this detailed NYT article documents: and Rev. Wright (there's never been any evidence that Obama was ever present during his worst rants), when McCain and Palin have had much more questionable associations, as MSNBC's Keith Olbermann points out:
2) Even more disturbing, check out this video of the Palins palling around with some real nutjob extremist secessionists who express hatred for the U.S. government that make Rev. Wright's worst moments seem tame:
3) It's frightening to see the hatred and ignorance at a McCain rally:
4) More of the same from a parking lot operator who won't let anyone with an Obama sticker on his/her car park in his lot:
5) Conservative Michelle Laxalt on Larry King, ripping McCain and Palin for their dirty smears ("calling his opponent [Obama] unpatriotic, calling him a terrorist?!  I'm sorry, this is not the Republican Party that Bill Buckley, the Paul Laxalt, that Ronald Reagan raised me on, and I don't believe the American people like this kind of dirty politics.  If they can't win fair and square, they shouldn't trash the other guy."): (1 min)
6) Things have gotten so out of hand that even McCain is trying to tame flames he earlier fanned:
7) Here's CNN's Jack Cafferty on Palin (2.5 million hits on YouTube):
8) A Spanish video song, Viva Obama (3 min):
9A hilarious song -- gotta love the creativity of ordinary Americans: (4 min).  The full lyrics:
Hey Sarah Palin, do you tell them in Wasilla
That 4,000 years ago we roamed the planet with Godzilla
Is it true
I am so fucking scared of you
As number 2

Hey Sarah Palin, I think Alaska's very pretty
But just 100,000 people more than Oklahoma City
Yes it's true
Go look it up, Im telling you
Oh man, were through

Oh, if you become VP, oh, its Canada for me (2x)
Its Canada for me

Hey Sarah Palin, did you really once inquire
Whether you could throw library books into a big bonfire
God, my eyes
This really might be our demise
This pack of lies

Hey Sarah Palin, just because you're good at shootin
Doesn't mean you have the ammo to negotiate with Putin
Are you on coke
This fucking countrys up in smoke
Oh what a joke

Oh, if you become VP, oh what will it mean for me (2x)

Just because I can see the moon
Doesn't make me an astronaut, you loon
Your foreign policy expertise is pooh
Do you really think a woman commits
To a candidate just because she has tits
Please tell me that this ticket is not true
I thought that there could be no worse
Than Cheney, but here you are, I curse
The madman who would cast a vote for you
And McCain too

Hey Sarah Palin, is it media distortion
Or would you tell a girl whos raped that she could not have an abortion
Its a new low
Who knows just how far you would go
Id rather vote for Ross Perot
Hey Sarah Palin I dont know
Where can we go



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