Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Instructions on who to contact to get involved in a number of key swing states

An email below from James Forman with precise instructions on who to contact to get involved in a number of key swing states:
Hey everybody.  I'm forwarding this because so many of my "what you can do" emails are focused on the DC area.  This one from huge Obama supporter and fundraiser Spencer Overton has a bunch of suggestions for wherever you are in the country.  Spencer is a good friend and rock solid reliable so any of the contacts he vouches for below are responsible folks who will get back with you fast.

Here's Spencer's bottom line, which I endorse:  Take off Monday and Tuesday, and devote four days to go a battleground state and work on Get-Out-The-Vote efforts (Saturday through Tuesday).   (Spencer also outlines how you can make calls if you cannot travel). 

If you do, you will forever remember where you where and what you did and how much fun you had making history. 

One thing I want to point out is that in most places you can vote in person absentee tomorrow, Friday, and in some states over the weekend and on Monday.  Many of these places (like DC and VA and NY) are "excuse required," which means simply that when you show up you have to tell them that you will be out of town on election day.  You don't need a note form a doctor or your boss, you just tell them you will be out of town, they hand you a ballot and you vote.  For those of you who will be canvassing out of state, you qualify.  Ify and I are doing this tomorrow in DC.  I've been told by folks who have done it in DC and elsewhere that it brings the extra advantage of shorter lines.  So go vote tomorrow so you can work for Obama on election day.

I've been saying for months that this election will be very close.  I still believe that.  So let's do this.

Here's Spencer's email . . .

Six days to go!   THANKS for all of the work many of you have done over the past two years.  I've got one final request. 


Take off Monday and Tuesday, and devote four days to go a battleground state and work on Get-Out-The-Vote efforts (Saturday through Tuesday).    
Studies show that personal contact of volunteers with undecided voters is the most effective form of campaigning, and our ground game (turnout) is going to be key to victory.  




Email the following people with your name, phone, email, dates you will work (they want at least Sat.-Tuesday (Nov. 1-4) final trainings may be Saturday morn), whether you are a lawyer who could also do voter protection on Election Day (they provide training), whether you will have a car, whether you need housing (the campaign asks volunteers to cover their travel, and will try to connect you with local supporters for housing), whether you also signed up on one of the links below (if included for that state, and tell them that I referred you.


With the exception of FL, I know everyone on the list below, and they should get right back to you.


Virginia (Prince William/Loudoun County—you can commute from DC):  Kyle Watkins and Joanna Martin,,


Philadelphia:  Shomik Dutta,


Ohio:  Send an email to: David Burd, and sign up on this link  (voter protection)  (GOTV)


New Mexico:  Dan Suvor,


Florida: Sign up at this link or contact Grace Northern


Nevada:  Sign up here:





If you'll be away in a battleground state, you may want to go to a government office today or tomorrow and cast and absentee ballot.  Get more info on your state's rules here (scroll down below the chart):


If you can't travel, please make phone calls here:


If you are absolutely tied up and can't travel to a battleground state or call, please contribute here:*Spencer+Overton



I hope to see you all out in the field.  If you need more inspiration, take a look at this video of Barack's closing argument here:


While I think I added value to the campaign and persuaded my share of caucusgoers by canvassing in Iowa, I got so much more out of the experience than the campaign did--I'm so glad I was a small part of Iowa, and I had the experience of a lifetime in Iowa.  Please come and be a part of ushering in change on Nov. 4 by volunteering in a battleground state—you will have an experience of a lifetime. 



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