Wednesday, October 22, 2008

James Forman's appeal to volunteer in Virginia

James Forman with an appeal to get involved in Virginia:
My emails started in January where I recounted a trip my mom and I took to South Carolina for the primary.  We went to the heart of Dixie and helped a black man and the nation begin a most improbable journey.  And we had so much fun doing it.

Now we've got to bring it home, and my mom is coming to join me in the land of Robert E. Lee and Jeff Davis.

Most people on this list have found a way to get involved in their local area, or have plans to travel for the election.  But if you haven't, and you want to help in VA . . . . read on.

Over the past month I've been volunteering in Alexandria VA (Fairfax County) and have had a great experience.  Recently a former student, along with 2 other volunteers, has been put in charge of a particular precinct.  That's where I'm going to be working between now and the election, with whatever free time I can find. 

The area is heavily Black and Latino, lots of immigrant families and new citizens/voters (I've met folks from Pakistan, Ghana, Liberia and El Salvador in recent weekends), densely populated (expected >10,000 voters), democrat (>70% in past elections), BUT the area only had 37% turnout in 2004.  We've done a huge push to register folks and now it's just a matter of getting out the vote.

Between now and the election, they will be canvassing on Saturdays at 10 am, 3 pm and 5 pm; and Sundays at Noon, 3 pm and 5 pm.  They will also canvass weekday evenings at 5pm.  (Evenings are critical right now, and even if you just have an hour or two to give, they can use you.)  And, if you would rather do phone banking, they will be doing that at any time from the office.

The office is located at 6940 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310.  (This is very near the Sacramento Drive office some of you have gone to before; the Sacramento office is still open so feel free to go there if you know it). 

If you want to make arrangements to go out with me and my mom, let me know and we'll plan something together (and maybe get dinner after canvassing). 

If you plan on canvassing or phone banking, please let the organizers know in advance so they can plan on numbers.  Contact info for Tom and Greg is below, and I can promise you, they will pick up the phone or respond to your email right away.  And if you have preferences about the demographics of the neighborhood you canvass in, let them know, they will work with you to find a good fit.

Greg Hale 917-592-3014,


Tom Smith, 617-224-2757,

Remember, ignore the polls.  It's about turning out our folks now, and if we turn out our people, we win.

Finally, please listen to Obama calling us to work hard this last 2 weeks:

Please forward this to anyone else you think might want in.

Much love, James


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