Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin bingo and debate humor

With all eyes on the debate tonight, here's some humor:
A) Are you going to watch the VP debate Thursday night? Are you looking forward to hearing what Sarah Palin has to say? Now you can enjoy the debate even more with PALIN BINGO!  Please check out the site and  forward it on to anyone and everyone you know.  Thanks so much!
B) Funny email I just got: "The McCain campaign is urging all of us to move forward together, and help the environment, by consuming less electricity. Please join us in turning off your televisions at 9pm eastern time."

Debate Training - Biden learns what makes girls cry (WITH HOT PICS!)

While most people will be watching Thursday's VP debate to find out whether Sarah Palin will start speaking in tongues, there's also the little matter of diarrhea-mouth hothead Joe Biden. The Obama camp is worried about the notoriously unpredictable Biden getting too aggressive (read: red-faced bellowing) while addressing Gov. Palin and losing the coveted "we hate people who aren't nice to the woefully underqualified" vote. To prepare, Joe has been rehearsing with MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm standing in for Sarah Palin. Watch our completely made up recreation of those rehearsals (with exclusive pics!) in the slideshow below.


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