Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't let up!

While things look very good for a big Obama victory tomorrow, DON'T LET UP AND MAKE SOME PHONE CALLS TODAY!!!  Here's the latest appeal from Jeremy Goldberg:

Hi all:

It's hard to believe that we are only two days before the election. 

You know what else is hard to believe--the ridiculous things the Pennsylvania GOP and the McCain campaign are doing to try and win this election.  The new Rev. Wright ad is only the latest example of politics gone wrong.

Here's the good news--many of you answered the call yesterday and joined at area phonebanks.  The campaign made 500,000 calls out of New York, which is remarkable.  The bad news--the massive turnout raised expectations, and the need is even greater today.

So I'm asking you to join me TODAY and phonebank for a few hours. 

First, consider sneaking away during lunch and making some calls.  I mean, if people can go on dates over lunch (haven't you seen the commercials), then you can call voters in PA and FL.  Plus, since our lists are targeted supporters, the risk of rejection is less. 

Second, consider stopping by immediately after work.  That's traditionally happy hour, but if McCain/Palin are elected on Tuesday, we may have to officially abandon the concept. 

We have identified a specific location to drive people to:

What:  Official Campaign GO Phone Bank
When: All day Monday, 10am-9pm
Where:  Touch, 240 W.52nd Street
How:  Bring your cellphone (and CHARGER if you can)
RSVP:  Just show up!  We'll take an hour, two, whatever you can give.
Further motivation:  Aftercall drink specials soon to be announced

If you can't make this location, go somewhere (like The Bowery Hotel,335 Bowery).  Or consult this link and find somewhere near the office

Or if you're out of state, go to and it'll direct you.

(NOTE:  If your boss asks you where you are going, just say you are stepping out to ensure that we get out of this recession, ensure our energy independence, lower health care costs and extend coverage to the uninsured, and restore our standing in the world.  And he just thought you were heading to Subway)

Please spread this email to 22 friends, in honor of the 22 hours left before the polls OPEN on the east coast.


Jeremy S. Goldberg
M: 646.228.5338


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