Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here's a report from a friend volunteering in Virginia

Here's a report from a friend volunteering in Virginia:

Hi everyone,

We are pretty much at the epicenter of this amazing, unprecedented grassroots campaign, here in Va. The Winchester area, where I am camped out through close of polls Tuesday is as swing as it gets. And I'll be working with the precinct with the most poverty and many Black and Latino voters.

The goodness & grace of the staff and volunteers here is unlike anything I have witnessed in politics. They are beautiful, purposeful, hard-working people. I imagine the positive energy of thousands of offices like this around the country.

Obama spoke via conference call tonight at 10 pm eastern to all his campaign offices around the country. We had 25 staff & vols listening via speaker phone in Winchester. We were a microcosm of America: young & old, racially diverse. Retirees, students, newcomers to campaign work & seasoned activists. Even a couple of lawyers. Barack's message was for paid staff & key vols (i.e., anyone hardcore enough to still be at the office on a Saturday night!) - on the need to bring it home on Tuesday: the importance of GOTV, the last big push & need to postpone sleep til Nov. 5. He was awesome, as usual. Everyone in the room could feel he was speaking directly to them.

Yes we can!


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