Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Et Tu, David? A Lucrative Friendship Sours

Geffen is indeed expressing widely held concerns, which I share:

Mr. Geffen has been telling friends for two years that he thinks that Mrs. Clinton is a divisive figure who would fail to bring the nation together. He has since thrown his support behind Senator Barrack Obama of Illinois, who raised $1.3 million this week at a fund-raiser for which Mr. Geffen was a co-host.

“What Geffen did was he gave an expression to what is in the collective unconscious about the Clintons,” said one Obama supporter in Hollywood, who, like everyone who was interviewed about the issue, would not speak for attribution out of fear of retribution from the Clinton camp, the famously irascible Mr. Geffen, or both.

Mr. Geffen’s embrace of Mr. Obama is a notion that — backed with checkbooks and liberal blogging — could have resonance among Hollywood money raisers, who love nothing more than a fresh face attached to even perceived early momentum. It appears to be an outgrowth of Mr. Geffen’s anger and disillusion with both Clintons, and his belief that Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy impedes Democrats from regaining the White House

February 23, 2007

Et Tu, David? A Lucrative Friendship Sours

LOS ANGELES Feb. 22 — The public unwinding of the relationship between the Clintons and David Geffen has many of the makings of a Hollywood who-done-it: While the outcome is now known, the trail remains complicated and mysterious.

The strains between Mr. Geffen and the Clintons were brought to the fore this week when Mr. Geffen, an entertainment executive and longtime benefactor of the Clintons, made clear with shards of verbal glass that he would not support the presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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