Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In Clinton's Backyard, It's Open Season as an Obama Fund-Raiser Lines Up Donors

It's great to see Obama getting a lot of traction among big money in NYC -- I'm getting emails from A LOT of people about Obama and the March 9th events.

The race was on for New York’s prized political donors, and Mr. Johnson, one of Senator Barack Obama’s leading fund-raisers in the city, was trying to poach in the heart of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s financial territory.

Before the day was up, Mr. Johnson got about a dozen people on the phone with the pitch that Mr. Obama represented “a generational shift” away from the partisan chokehold gripping Washington. A few told him they were not ready to give, but more than half said they were willing to sign checks and come to a March 9 fund-raiser at the Grand Hyatt New York.

In Clinton’s Backyard, It’s Open Season as an Obama Fund-Raiser Lines Up Donors
Published: February 24, 2007

Twenty-eight stories above Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, Jeh Johnson was dialing away.


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