Saturday, April 14, 2007

Couric's "Notebook" rehashed debunked Obama rumors

Good to see Media Matters (a great site, which initially picked up on Imus's comments) holding the mainstream media to account for "rehashing debunked Obama rumors":

Couric's "Notebook" rehashed debunked Obama rumors

In the April 12 edition of her "Notebook" video blog, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric asked, "Is America ready to elect a president who grew up praying in a mosque?" and proceeded to repeat debunked rumors surrounding Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) childhood years in Indonesia.

Couric claimed that Obama's "background sparked rumors that he had studied at a radical madrassa, or Quranic school -- rumors his campaign denied, declaring that Obama is now a practicing Christian." However, in noting simply that Obama's campaign "denied" the rumors that he attended a madrassa, Couric ignored the fact that these allegations have been thoroughly debunked.


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