Sunday, April 29, 2007

Obama Vows to 'Turn the Page' on Iraq

This really underscores a huge difference between Clinton and Obama.  Here's Clinton:

Clinton unleashed an unusually personal critique of Bush, accusing his administration of ignoring scientific evidence about global warming and stem cell research and lying about the effects of toxic dust at the World Trade Center site.

And here's Obama:

He also renewed his call for the parties to find common ground where they could and declared it was time to ``turn the page'' on issues like health care, education and energy independence.

In the past few weeks, I've been to small (150-person) group events for both candidates and, while their policies are very similar, their tones are polor opposites.  Clinton is constantly on the attack, bashing Bush, his administration and the Republican Party in general, and contrasting her positions from theirs.  Obama, in marked contrast, refrains from harsh attacks and simply lays out his views, letting his listeners come to the obvious conclusions about how different they are from Bush's.  Clinton, at every opportunity, attacks, while Obama, at every opportunity, calls for Americans and the two political parties, to come together -- even when speaking to the rabid faithful, such as at the event in California yesterday.
This difference in approach and tone is a major reason why I support Obama, why I think he's more likely to win if he's the Democrats' candidate, and why I think he's more likely to be able to govern effectively if he's the next President.  I think most Americans share my concern that, as country, we're splintering and that the two parties do the country a major disservice by highlighting and exacerbating our differences.  Kudos to Obama for trying to chart a different course!

Obama Vows to 'Turn the Page' on Iraq

Sunday April 29, 2007 12:31 AM

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SAN DIEGO (AP) - Wooing influential California Democrats, presidential contender Barack Obama vowed to ``turn the page on this Iraq disaster'' while Hillary Rodham Clinton denounced President Bush's conduct of the war as ``one of the darkest blots on leadership we've ever had.''


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