Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clinton Widens Poll Lead By Using Experience Card

In light of recent events, this isn't surprising.  It's still early though...
This was the biggest surprise to me:
In a three-way contest among Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Giuliani and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg running as an independent, the poll shows Mrs. Clinton winning with 42% of the vote to Mr. Giuliani's 34% and Mr. Bloomberg's 11%. That suggests Mr. Bloomberg -- who hasn't declared his candidacy -- would steal more support from the Republican than from the Democrat.

Clinton Widens Poll Lead By Using Experience Card

August 1, 2007; Page A7

WASHINGTON -- New York Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to pad her lead in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, benefiting from high marks for experience and competence, while her chief rivals lose ground and the rest of the field lacks traction, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Mrs. Clinton's steady rise in the Journal/NBC polls since spring follows well-received performances in a series of candidate debates. Also, she has blunted opposition among many Democrats for her 2002 Iraq-war vote by stepped-up antiwar moves in recent months, including a vote against war funding.

She has opened a 21-point edge over her closest contender, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, leading him 43% to 22% among Democrats, the poll suggests. That is up from a 14-point lead in a June poll. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is third with 13%. Four other Democrats are in single digits.


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