Sunday, December 16, 2007

Air of inevitability escaping Clinton

While I'm disappointed with Sen. Obama on his views on education reform, I'm still a supporter and am glad to see his surge:


Air of inevitability escaping Clinton

The Democratic presidential front-runner is stepping up her efforts as she appears to be losing traction.
By Peter Nicholas
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer,0,1427132,full.story?coll=la-home-center

December 15, 2007

WASHINGTON — She was a disciplined candidate atop a polished campaign, but Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is now mired in the most serious crisis of her 11-month bid for the White House, as a rolling series of missteps threatens to topple her as the Democratic front-runner.

The large crowds that once came to see her have thinned. Trusted campaign surrogates have veered wildly off message. And a campaign operation that had built seemingly impregnable leads over the summer appears to be faltering, prompting former President Clinton to amp up his role as a public spokesman and campaign advisor.

Clinton's chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, has wiped out her lead in the crucial early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, according to some polls. Should she lose those contests, gone would be the notion that she is the party's inevitable nominee -- one basis of her appeal as a candidate.


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