Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Friends' comments on Sen. Clinton almost in tears

Here a link to the 2-min Sen. Clinton-almost-in-tears video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfRLEvQsv9A.  One friend commented:

I watched the Hillary “almost in tears” video.  It was pathetic and certainly not what you want to see in a national leader.  Muskie-like is spot on.  And how does that image square with the “I’m tough and battle-tested” theme?  She even plagiarized Edwards a bit saying her campaign and the issues she believes in are “deeply personal”.

She’s flailing at this point and it ain’t pretty.  It’s sad actually.

No surprise --- Heraclitus was right.

(I had to look up Heraclitus -- ingrate that I am -- and found this on the web(http://members.aol.com/Heraklit1/heraklit.htm):

Heraclitus had an influence much broader than could be expected from his tiny corpus of sayings. Plato accepted his concept that matter was in endless change, but took this in an anti-materialist way to prove that there must be a better world of unchanging ideas. The Stoics, who were pantheists and materialists, regarded Heraclitus as a precursor. For his emphasis on development through the conflict of opposites, Marx and Engels viewed him as a harbinger of dialectical materialism.Heraclitus is also the first consistent materialist pantheist.

Another friend wrote about Sen. Clinton's almost-in-tears moment:
Oh c'mom -- scripted!   I almost laughed out loud when i saw the "Hillary meets Dr. Phil" clip :-)


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