Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire results

Wow, I think I'd better stick to stock picking.  How did the polls have this so wrong?  More tomorrow...

10:52 p.m. | Obama Takes the Mic “I’m still fired up and ready to go,” Mr. Obama says and he asks for a big round of applause for Mrs. Clinton. He said he always knew his climb would be steep. But he says, voters made it clear that “at this moment, in this election, there is something happening in America.” He praises those who turned out in record numbers, saying they knew that “this time must be different.” That’s kind of a double-edge message.

“Change is what’s happening in America,” Mr. Obama declares. The crowd chants, “We want change! We want change!”

10:42 p.m. | Reactions From Clinton Camp Terry McAuliffe, Mrs. Clinton’s chairman, on MSNBC attributes her apparent victory to her tearful moment yesterday: “That humanizing moment yesterday,” he says. “That did it.”

Kate Phillips has more from Clinton’s party here.

10:35 p.m. | Turnaround? Jay Carson, a Clinton spokesman, is telling MSNBC that the race “turned around” on Saturday night after she started holding forums that day during which she answered people’s questions.

10:32 p.m. | Still Waiting However this vote tonight comes out, there will be serious re-examination of those early polls. Were they right at the time and did opinion shift? Or were they all wrong? And if opinion did shift, was it the moment that she choked up?

NBC and the Associated Press are projecting Mrs. Clinton the winner. CNN is carefully explaining that they are not prepared to make that prediction (neither is The Times) because several key precincts have not reported results.


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