Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After Wins, Obama Is Focus of McCain and Clinton

Interesting to see that Clinton was speaking at Hunter College.  Why is she in NY when she needs to win Texas and Ohio?  Fundraising.  Her lack of money is not only killing her in the TV spending, etc., but also is requiring her to spend huge amounts of time meeting with donors, whereas Obama can focus 100% on the voters in the key states and no longer needs to come to NYC to fundraisers.  I just heard that there was a fundraiser in NY recently hosted by Toni Morrison that raised big money -- and Obama didn't have to show up.  That's key at this stage of the race.

Senator John McCain, all but assured of the Republican nomination, is in Ohio on Wednesday. Mr. McCain has turned his attention to Mr. Obama, calling on him to pledge to abide by the limits of public financing for the campaign.

Mrs. Clinton also focused on Mr. Obama as she went on the offensive early Wednesday in a speech at Hunter College in Manhattan, charging that her rival has substituted rhetoric for practical experience.

February 20, 2008

After Wins, Obama Is Focus of McCain and Clinton

The Democratic contenders are scheduled to appear at rallies on Wednesday in Texas, which has emerged as a critical race for the campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

With Senator Barack Obama having won primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii on Tuesday by broad margins across nearly every voter group, Mrs. Clinton has now lost 10 contests in a row since splitting votes and delegates with him on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5. Mrs. Clinton’s aides have calculated that she must win the party’s next two major contests, in Texas and Ohio, on March 4.


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