Sunday, February 17, 2008

A note from my mom to the Obama team

Here's a note my mom sent to the Obama team:

Hello Obama Team,

My name is Susan Tilson and I am a 67 year-old Obama supporter who votes in New Hampshire but has retired and lives in Kenya.  I have helped his campaign by forwarding information to US voters in Kenya and elsewhere overseas, donating money and voting in the primary.  I became a supporter because Sen. Obama’s integrity, judgment, intelligence and charisma are of the same quality that inspired me to join President Kennedy’s Peace Corps 1962.  It has been so long since we have had a leader who could bring together all Americans and help us to once again be proud world citizens.  I have felt this keenly as I have lived abroad in developing countries – Philippines, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ethiopia and now Kenya – for half my professional life.  When abroad, I have watched our once-admired and emulated country slide into a place that is has little respect and is much feared. When I am in the United States every summer, I find Americans increasingly fearful and misled about our neighbors in the rest of the world.  Amazingly, Sen. Obama’s admirers are not only among us Americans, but are increasingly found among Europeans, Asians, people from the Middle East and here with Africans – probably the best indication yet of his potential impact in salvaging our foreign relations!   Keep up the good work and let’s have that fine man in the White House! 


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