Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama at the Top

A WSJ Op Ed yesterday, attacking Obama's message:

Up to now, the sheer force of Sen. Obama's physical presentation has so dazzled his public audience that it has been hard to focus on precisely what he is saying. "Yes, we can! Yes, we can!" Can what?

Go listen closely to that Tuesday night Wisconsin speech. Unhinge yourself from the mesmerizing voice. What you hear is a message that is largely negative, illustrated with anecdotes of unremitting bleakness. It is a speech that could have been delivered by a Democrat in 1968, or 1928. It is rife with class warfare.

Only the WSJ could describe Obama's message as "largely negative, illustrated with anecdotes of unremitting bleakness."  What Henninger is really saying is that he doesn't like Obama bringing up uncomforable truths that under the Republicans (cheered on every step of the way by the WSJ), America has become increasingly unequal, with endless tax cuts and loopholes for the rich (myself included) and everyone else getting squeezed (or screwed).
Obama at the Top
February 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton probably didn't watch the stem-winder that Barack Obama delivered in Wisconsin Tuesday night after cleaning her clock in the Potomac primaries. If she didn't, she should.


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