Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rules of the Game

My friend and DFER lobbyist Michael Tobman with a good article in The Weekly Standard:

Politics is no different. There are rules, and in some cases there are laws, and they cannot be changed in the middle of a campaign. This is why I'm calling foul on the Clinton campaign for their efforts to claim delegates from Florida and Michigan despite pledging--pledging!--to abide by a Democratic National Committee ruling stripping said states of their delegates as a consequence of moving their primary elections up in violation of an established calendar that intentionally favored Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Clinton campaign is doing this for one, and only one, very simple reason. They need those delegates to win, and they never thought they would.

Rules of the Game

Hillary can't change them now.

by Michael Tobman

Weekly Standard, 2/21/08

WHATEVER THE GAME and whatever your age, everybody knows that there are rules. My four-"no daddy, I'm four and half--almost five!"-year-old daughter knows that board games and card games have rules. How else, she explained to me earnestly, are we supposed to know whose turn it is and who wins?


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