Monday, September 15, 2008

Ltr to editor

A letter to the editor from a friend of a friend:
Dear Editor,
Why do voters need to relate to the presidential candidates as if they are “one of us?” I don’t want to be president because I know I’m not qualified and I’m far more qualified than Palin.  And I don’t want my neighbors to be president either, because they’re not qualified even though they include the mayor of a town 10x the size of Wasilla.  I don’t need the president to be my friend, share a carpool, or be a drinking buddy.  I want my president to be qualified to lead the greatest nation on the planet.  I want my president to bring all Americans back to playing on the same team, because I’m too tired of all the divisive anger and blame. We have a president now who seemed like “one of us” and where has it gotten us?  We have so many problems now – and I don’t care who started them – I just want someone who is qualified to work on solutions where everyone participates and is held accountable.


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