Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 videos: Hockey mom booed at the hockey game; More despicable nonsense at a McCain rally; 106-year-old nun who's voting for Obama

1) From a friend:

When Palin first hit the stage and had her 15 minutes of popularity, it appeared that she could heavily influence the white voters in the northern tier of States, the hockey belt, so to speak, mostly all toss-up States.

So when I saw this on TV it was more of a relief and more satisfying that the huge bounce back of the market today. White hockey fans in Pennsylvania fervently booing Palin as she took the ice to drop the puck.



2) More despicable nonsense at a McCain rally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g0d3_KE5js
An evangelical preacher gave an invocation at the McCain rally in Davenport, Iowa on October 11th, 2008. It appears that he believes this presidential race is actually a disguised war between Jesus versus Allah & Buddha???
3) A great video about a 106-year-old nun who's voting for the first time since 1952 -- for Obama, of course!  www.comcast.net/data/fan/html/popup.html?v=887522692


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