Monday, October 13, 2008

The Middle for Obama

A friend is involved with this and asked me to send it out -- see attached as well:
It’s clear that this year's election isn't going to be decided by the far left or the far 
right. It's going to be decided by the “middle ground”.  Everyday Americans who 
aren't 100% Republican or 100% Democrat, but who see the issues on both 
sides, and who believe that one way or another, change is needed. 
As the election draws nearer, there’s an incredible phenomenon happening 
among these people “in the middle”.  They’re realizing how important this election 
is, and how important their role is in its outcome.  They’re evaluating the issues 
and the candidates more closely than they have in previous elections.  And in 
amazing numbers, they’re coming to the conclusion that Barack Obama is the 
candidate they’re going to vote for. 
We’re looking to capture the stories of these people on film so we can share 
them with others who haven’t yet fully decided who they’re going to vote for.  
Ultimately, we see this being a celebration of smart, independent-thinking, 
everyday Americans who are taking this election into their own hands. 

Who we’re looking for 
We are looking for formerly undecided male and female voters, of any age, who 
sit in the ideological "middle" of American politics, and have decided to vote for 
Obama.  They may be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents - but they are 
neither far Left, nor far Right.  They represent the non-partisan, non-ideological, 
common-sense middle ground. They can be of any race, any religion, come from 
any state, and represent any socio-economic background.   
We’re looking for a cross section of “people in the middle” - veterans, soccer 
moms, retirees, small business owners, factory workers, etc.   People who are 
articulate and credible and can tell the story of how they weighed all the issues 
and why in the end they’ve decided to vote for Obama. 
If this sounds like you or someone you know, and you’d be willing to share your 
story – please complete the attached form and email it to 
Attached is a document that describes the idea and who we're looking for and a recruiting form for people to complete.

Obviously, we're interested in everyone who fits the brief - but are especially interested in representing the middle class from battleground states.  The interviews will be 100% real and unscripted.


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