Thursday, October 16, 2008

5 videos: Wake Up America! video; Military Wives for Obama; John Cleese on Palin; A rap for Obama; McCain=The Penguin

great videos:
A) Wake Up America! video: (2 min)
B) Military Wives for Obama: (1 min)
C) John Cleese on Sarah Palin - hilarious! ("she's like a parrot who's memorized words -- and is very good at it -- but has no idea what they mean"): (1 min)
D) A rapper with a cool video for Obama: (3 min)
E) A very clever person found this clip from a VERY old Batman movie, in which the evil Penguin is debating Batman -- and he uses the SAME sleazy tactics as McCain, asking "Who is this Batman?  Always associating with criminals!": (4 min)


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