Thursday, October 09, 2008

Biden-Palin Debate Analysis

From James Forman:

Biden-Palin Debate Analysis
As everyone prepares for tonite's debate, here's one more thought on last week's.  I think Palin did much more damage to her ticket than pundits recognize.  Why?  Because the pundits, 100% of them, are information saturated.   They all watched the Couric interviews, and Palin was less embarrassing at the debate.  But most of America did not watch the Couric interviews, and did not have that baseline of expectations.  70 million people watched the debate, and for 90% of them, the last time they saw Palin was at the Republican National convention.  For all these people, they tuned it to see if she was for real.  And what the saw was an ill-informed, unqualified, fake-folksy person who refused to answer questions.  People want a VP who can run the country if need be, they don't want to be winked at. 

For evidence, I cite a friend from Michigan with many family members who don't follow the campaign day to day, but do watch the debates to form their opinion.  Five of her relatives have never voted for a Democrat and are all voting for Obama, and 3 of them cite the Palin debate debacle as a reason.  They are not alone. 
Anger begets anger.  McCain-Palin are out there scaring voters and stoking resentment.  Dana Milbanks describes a campaign turned ugly as supporters at a Palin rally shout obscenities at the press and insult a black journalist.   Where does the ugly come from?  Their leader, their hero.  Here is Palin telling women that there is a special place in hell for women who don't support her.

How to stop this?  Keep up our work.  It is paying off.  All those doors we knocked on and calls we made have helped produce record
national registration numbers for Dems!


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