Here’s a summary of the smartest new political analysis on the Web:
By Gerald F. Seib and Sara Murray

As the campaign draws near its conclusion, conservatives are arguing, with increasing vigor and agitation, that Gov. Sarah Palin was treated unfairly along the way. Victor Davis Hanson, writing on National Review Online, argues that Palin got a level of scrutiny that surpassed that given to Sen. Barack Obama: “Palin’s career as a city councilwoman, mayor, and governor of Alaska was never seen as comparable to, or — indeed, in terms of executive experience — more extensive than, Barack Obama’s own legislative background in Illinois and Washington. Somehow we forgot that a mother of five taking on the Alaskan oil industry and the entrenched male hierarchy was somewhat more challenging than Barack Obama navigating the sympathetic left-wing identity politics of Chicago.” Moreover, he writes, “there does not seem to be much left of feminism any more. Of course, feminists once gave liberal pro-choice Bill Clinton a pass for his serial womanizing of vulnerable subordinates, and Oval Office antics with a young female intern. But they gave the game away entirely when they went after Gov. Palin for her looks, accent, pregnancies, and religion….” And Sen. Joe Biden, Hanson says, “can say things so outrageous, so silly, and so empty that, had they come out of the mouth of Sarah Palin, she would have long ago been forced to have stepped aside from the ticket.”