Friday, October 24, 2008

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XX: The Clothes, The Clothes

Palin's trying to lie her way out of clothing-gate (just like she did with Trooper-gate).  Yeah, I'm SURE the clothes are still sitting in boxes!

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XX: The Clothes, The Clothes

It might appear to you and me as if the factual basis for the $150,000 luxury Neiman Marcus clothing budget is solid. But that would be missing Sarah Palin's ability to deny reality:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin insisted in an interview with the Tribune on Thursday that she did not accept $150,000 worth of designer clothes from the Republican Party and "that is not who we are."

"That whole thing is just, bad!" she said. "Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are.

"It's kind of painful to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported," said Palin, saying the clothes are not worth $150,000 and were bought for the Republican National Convention. Still, she has been wearing pricey clothes at campaign events this fall. She said they will be given back, auctioned off or sent to charity. Most of them, she said, haven't even left the belly of her campaign plane.

What facts exactly have not been reported? Is she saying she has not worn the clothes?

Is she saying they are not worth $150,000? Is she saying they were bought at a second-hand charity shop? Or that they were hers to begin with? Is she saying that these clothes were all bought before the convention and only worn then? Is she saying that they have actually remained on the airplane the entire time and we have been hallucinating her wearing them at every occasion? Is she saying that the RNC did not buy them, or that no campaign money was spent on them?

Or is she weirdly lying again because the truth is something she cannot handle? At this point, all I know is that a public figure who can simply deny reality should not be directly in line to be president of the United States. Whatever your politics, it is not a reasonable proposition.



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