Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Joe the Plumber" Not Voting for McCain

It turns out "Joe the Plumber" doesn't vote!  You can see Obama's discussion with him at: (5 min)

"Joe the Plumber" Not Voting for McCain

The whole world is wondering today: "Who IS Joe the Plumber?" the everyman voter made famous in the final presidential debate last night for being referenced repeatedly by John McCain and addressed directly at one point by Barack Obama.

Cable news gave the impression that the man is just Samuel "average Joe" Wurzelbacher, from Holland, Ohio, who is looking to expand his business and believes that Barack Obama's proposed tax plan will actually cause him to lose money if he does so. He put his question on taxes to Obama in person while the Illinois Senator was canvassing in the Toledo suburb on Sunday. Plumber Joe later said Obama "tap dance[d] ... almost as good as Sammy Davis Jr." in the conversation and implied in an interview after the debate that he would vote for John McCain.

It might be heartening to McCain to know that he has at least one vote in Democratic stronghold Lucas County, Ohio, but for one small fact. A download of the Lucas County voter rolls from the Ohio Secretary of State's website lists four Wurzelbachers, two in Holland, but none of them named Sam or Joe or Samuel Joseph. There's a Robert Lee and a Frank Edward Wurzelbacher, but no Joe.

Apparently, Joe the Plumber don't vote.


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