Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama ed panel

I will be speaking at and moderating a Generation Obama panel on education reform this Friday evening from 7-9pm at NYU's Kimmel Center, Room 804, 60 Washington Sq. South.  The other panelists and the topics they will discuss are:

Daniel Losen (Senior Education Law and Policy Associate, The Civil Rights Project at UCLA)

Drop out Crisis and NCLB; Scarce education resources (cause of the scarcity and the effect of the scarcity on education); ideas on mending the scarcity; ideas on mending NCLB

Robin Chait (Senior Policy Analyist, Center for American Progress)

The achievement gap at home and abroad; the role of federal policy with regard to this achievement gap and how federal policy can be used to start the process of mending the gap.

Nancy Cardwell (Professor of Education, Bank Street College)

The overall effect of federal policy, namely NCLB, on teachers in the classroom. Looking at an on the ground view of how federal policy affects the way that teachers teach or the way that teachers view the education system

I hope you can join me!


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