Friday, November 14, 2008

Democrats for Education Reform petition

Democrats for Education Reform has launched a petition to encourage Obama to support giving parents in DC (and elsewhere) the same educational choices that he and Michelle have -- please sign it at: (more articles on this topic below):
Parent Letter to President Elect Obama

Dear President Elect Obama:

We write with pride to congratulate you on making history.

As parents, we appreciate the great care you and Michelle are taking to make sure your daughters will fare well when you (and your new puppy) make the move to your new neighborhood in Washington.  We understand how much thought your family will put toward finding the best schools for your children.

As parents who have selected public charter schools (and other schools of choice) for our own children, we understand the importance of having excellent educational options.

We encourage you to include public charter schools in your school shopping list. More importantly, however, we encourage you to remember that all parents should be able to make these kinds of crucial, life-changing decisions on behalf of their children. And they should do so with as many excellent options in front of them as we can possibly provide.

Please join us in fighting for parental choice so that every child in America has the kind of opportunities they deserve.




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