Monday, November 03, 2008

A great story from James Forman on black turnout

From James Forman:
I think that the black turnout is going to exceed the expectations -- I don't think the mainstream media has fully come to turns with the depth of the enthusiasm and what it will mean for turnout.  Today's NY Times story comes close to getting it.

Here's a story from a friend that captures a bit of it, and why so many of us working in urban schools are excited about what an Obama victory might mean for political engagement and sense of self efficacy among our kids:
A few days ago I was texting my "little sister" from a mentoring program that I helped run in Oakland.  This girl has experienced just about every horror of ghetto life imaginable, and has long mocked my involvement in politics and social justice activism.  When I'd try to explain my work or the issues I'm most passionate about, like bias in the criminal justice system, she'd roll her eyes and say with disdain, "uh, good luck with that."  Her 18th birthday is tomorrow, so I asked her via text message what she wants for her birthday.  I expected a laundry list of designer clothes or electronic gadgets, per usual.  Instead, after a few moments, I got a simple response:  "OBAMA '08."   She was dead serious.  I'm praying her birthday wish comes true.


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