Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Bundling of the President, 2008

An article from the NY Observer on who the big "bundlers" are in NYC for each candidate:
Campaign-watchers like Michael Toner, a commissioner at the Federal Election Commission, have predicted that this will be the most expensive race in U.S. history.
To help reel in all this cash, the candidates have engaged in a race-within-a-race for the most successful bundlers, jockeying for the loyalties of the most influential, the most connected or simply the most willing. A few of these traditional suspects are still undecided, holding out for an Al Gore or Newt Gingrich announcement, but an unusually high number have already declared their undying allegiance to one or another candidate—at least for the next year or so.
What follows is a partial, unscientific list of candidates and the fund-raisers who love them, according to conversations with the campaigns, professional fund-raisers and leading donors.

The Bundling of the President, 2008
It’s Presidential fund-raising season, and for the ladies and business titans who have turned this cyclical money game into a high-stakes social pastime, their calendars have rarely been so full, or their money more in demand.

New York Observer, Lizzy Ratner, 3/19/2007

With each week, a new parade of Presidential contenders arrives in New York for a mix of intimate, living-room meet-and-greets and colossal, concert-style fund-raisers. Some nights they head for Park Avenue, other nights for Fifth Avenue. But no matter how much the sites or scenes might vary—pinstriped Wall Street suits on one evening, media types the next—the goal is always the same: to kiss the rings of the city’s rich and connected and raise as much primary cash as possible.


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