Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Comments from 3 friends

Some comments from some friends:
A) From an Obama supporter in NH:

Just got back, what a shame tonight…but Barack’s address was oh-so-incredibly presidential!  Despite the “irrational exuberance” of the past 72 hours, it seems to me powerful to finish as we did in a state that was never supposed to be competitive in the first place; she’ll spin herself the victorious underdog for a while, but I think the political landscape can’t help but be drastically changed by two truths voters now demonstrated for us, that (a) HRC is not “inevitable,” and (b) whites, independents, and even Republicans are fully capable of voting for Obama in a big way. Enthusiastic to see how this plays; I find it hard to imagine that any core electorate shifting that’s begun is in anything other than infancy its right now.

And McAuliffe saying it was “the humanizing moment” that turned it – while true (and the fact that Edwards poured salt on it and made women extra sympathetic)…is there anyone else scared that the campaign thinks they won because their candidate seemed like a human for 5 seconds? Possibly makes me more nervous than anything else I’ve heard from their camp all year…I don’t know why but it really gets under my skin.

More work to do, still in great shape with Nevada coming up under strength of our endorsement from the Culinary Union, and then S. Carolina; assuming no gaffes we should be favored to win these two…on the heels of 3 out of 4 victories before Feb 5th (if that is indeed what happens)…a strong place to be!

B) From a Democrat not aligned with any candidate:
My punditry is toast too. My opinion: she had a tremendous ground operation that got them a few points and biggest factor: the emotional thing really pulled women out for her. Throughout this campaign, she has failed to make the case that a woman being elected President of the US would be a stunning culmination of the expansion of women's rights and roles in our country. That's compelling too but she has let Obama own the "feel good" vote where voters feel their vote is not just for a candidate but also for a cause.

But what do I know???
C) A Republican friend's response to my last email:
I'm glad Obama is kicking ass.
The assessment of Edwards and Huckabee is right on.
The man's blog brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for including it.
Here's why I like Obama. I've listened to him several times. He reminds me of JFK. I was 12 years old when he was shot. When JFK became president he would speak often on the TV. I was 10 or 11 then. I would immediately stop what I was doing when I heard his voice go to the TV and listen. It was as if he were a magnet. Why would a president have that much appeal to a small town kid in Oklahoma? He offered hope and he sounded sincere. He made you believe in him. Obama has those same qualities. He's a little too far to the left on some issues for me, but I do believe he is a moderate. Once he gets the nomination I expect him to move more to the middle and work toward forming a condenses. This I believe he can do. Sure hope I'm not disappointed again.


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