Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daily Show exposes Republican hypocrisy on Palin

Oh my goodness -- John Stewart and his team at their very best!  They found video clips of Republicans being total hypocrites (surprise!):
- Karl Rove praising Palin for her experience as mayor of a tiny town, and then (earlier) bashing potential Obama VP pick, Tim Kaine, former mayor of Richmond, VA, saying Richmond is a small town
- Bill O'Reilly defending Bristol Palin, saying it's a personal matter; then a clip of him calling the parents of newly pregnant teenager Jamie Lynn Spears (sister of Britney) "pinheads" who "can't control their daughter"
- Dick Morris complaining how sexist the coverage of Palin is, and then bashing Hillary for complaining about sexist coverage
- Ditto for McCain senior policy advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer, with more hypocrisy on the "gender card"
- Finally, an AWESOME clip of Palin herself criticizing Hillary for a "perceived whine" and saying a women politician under attack should shut up and "work harder"
Ya can't make this stuff up!


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