Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forman thoughts on how to get involved

Some good thoughts from my friend James Forman about how to get involved:

I've gotten lots of emails with articles documenting McCain and Palin's lies and absurdities.  I'm not forwarding them mainly because 1) the volume is so overwhelming that I assume everybody is getting this stuff from lots of sources, and 2) I'm feeling that the election is going to be won by doing 2 very tangible things.  Giving money and volunteering time.  I just finished talking to an election expert who said that at this stage it is going to be all about get out the vote, who can raise more $ and put more volunteers on the ground in the last 7 weeks of the campaign.  

Regarding volunteering, almost every town in America has an Obama office.  Run, don't walk, there.  Even if you are not in a swing state, they need you.   They will put you to work, calling other states, recruiting volunteers, etc. 

If you are local in the DC area, I've put some info about upcoming trips that I will be part of.  At Georgetown Law the students and other faculty and staff are going to be phone banking going out door to door every weekend between now and the election.  We are going to Southern Fairfax county, which the campaign has told us needs volunteers badly and is critical to winning the state.    If you have a car, great, but if not, we can get you a ride.

Here's the details about this weekend:

Trips this Saturday: 1) All day (10.00am-4.00pm); 2) Morning (10.00am-1.00pm); and 3) Afternoon (2.00pm-5.00pm).  Trip on Sunday: 12.00pm-4.00pm.

Email me or Ari Matusiak (
ari.matusiak@gmail.com) or Jon Parnes (jonathan.parnes@gmail.com) by Wednesday, September 17, with what trip you want to do.  Even if you cannot make this weekend, if you want to hear about future trips email Jon or Ari (or me) and we'll put you on the list for future updates.

In addition, here's another fun event that my good friend Sandy Levick is organizing in 2 weekends.  Join if you can . . . .

Please join us in knocking on door or making phone calls out of the Centreville Campaign for Change Office in Southern Fairfax County on Sunday, SEPT. 28.
This is a great office where my daughter is a full time volunteer. 
The office is located at 14260 Centreville Square in Centreville Va.

We'll meet at the Centreville Office at 1:00 pm for a short training and head to Ruby Tuesdays after we've turned in our walk packs or phone lists around 5:00-5:30.  Please let me know if you'd like to join!
Yes we can!  Sandy  My cell is 202-841-4895, home is 301-656-0560, email is sandralevick@comcast.net.  Feel free to forward this to others who may be interested. 

Also, if you are interested in volunteering in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, my friend Isabel Geffner is working there and recruiting folks to join her.  The Chapel Hill office is still my favorite of the more than a dozen I spent time at during the primary.  Great vibe.  Contact her directly at

Can you go to Colorado or New Mexico?  If so, my friend
Christi Cunningham is recruiting people to join here there.  She's at ccunningham@law.howard.edu.

And friend and former student Justin Hansford just emailed me to say he's going to be in Ohio with the campaign starting next week.  If you want volunteer there, get with him at

We can do this, but it is going to take every one of us. 

Love, James


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