Monday, November 03, 2008

Kenyans for Obama

From my friend Andy Cunningham in remote western Kenya -- this captures how eagerly and breathlessly the entire rest of the world is hoping for an Obama victory:

Hey Everyone!

Well, it is quite humbling to be in a rural village with no electricity and no running water and feel the excitement behind this year's Presidential candidate Barack Obama! Muhuru Bay Kenya is ecstatic and nervous. Everyone has made sure I voted early and before almost every meal, someone sends up a word of prayer for Obama's safety and well being. It is incredible and definitely beats CNN.

I thought to give you a new picture of politics and escape the commercials that I am assuming are running in the states, here are a group of amazing WISER women for Obama!!! They are both wearing Obama buttons and have prominently displayed Obama posters in their huts (thanks Mom for the poster in the mail!)

We are saving up our solar generators already and hosting an Obama Watch Party in our hut on my computer on early Nov 5 morning to watch the results come in! (We are eight hours ahead now because of daylight savings). We are expecting more than 200 people (I have no idea how we will fit in the hut - we'll manage!).

People are walking miles and miles just to see the live results. I hope everyone gets to vote to make it worth their walk!

Thank you again for your on going support for WISER and let's bring hope and a new start for the country and our friends around the world this week.

All my best from my hut and ready for change,



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